Archival Division

Using the tools we have acquired through our Legal Division, DCS offers the same high quality scanning for your archiving. We know your documents are precious. We also know your documents are taking up too much space! Let us quote document archiving for you and see if we can help.

The Process

1 – Set up an appointment for DCS to view your files

  • We will want to see your records and discuss what needs are important to you.

2 – Receive a quote

  • We will give you options based upon your parameters.
  • We will produce plans that work for the both of us.

3 – Have us do a small sample

  • Once you are ready, we will do a small sample first.
  • Review the sample. Make sure the archival works for your needs.
  • We can adjust as necessary.

4 – DCS completes the project

  • Once complete, your documents can be removed from your office permanently!