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DCS is a boutique company focused on serving our loyal clients within 3 main divisions. We are E-Discovery Service Providers providing the cutting-edge platform Reveal 11. We have Document Solutions to manage paper records for printing, scanning, copying or archiving. We are DCS Promotions to help promote your company to your own clients.
Large amount of data to process, search and tag? Our Project Managers are here to help simplify this daunting task.
Need to electronically review your files? Send them to us to be scanned per your detailed instructions.
Prefer looking through paper instead of a screen? Contact us to print your records.
Want to get rid of your paper, clutter and storage fees? Contact us to digitize your files.
Data dumped into your lap? Let us use our AI and Brainspace to reveal the hidden connections among your data.
Give us your budget, theme and deadline. Then let us find branded options to show off your logo with quality gifts.

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